Small business management, succession planning, budgeting, forecasting, federal and state taxation, marriage, investments, retirement income, college tuition, inheritance and estate planning, insurance coverage, divorce, and long-term care are only part of the list of financial concerns of most individuals and businesses today.  Finding a professional, objective and knowledgeable advisor to guide people through life's changing financial environment is a very crucial selection.

The Certified Public Accountant, or CPA, is the one professional whose range of knowledge and abilities can provide the support needed to assure a lifetime of financial success. The Certified Public Accountant, often referred to as the CPA, can be your guide to understanding, and profiting from every phase of your financial future.  From wealth building in your early working years, to estate and retirement planning, a CPA is the one professional who has the answers to your financial questions.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is a legal title that is earned by meeting the education and testing standards established by state Boards of Accountancy in accordance with state laws and national standards.

A CPA's classroom instruction continues throughout his or her entire professional career.  Most states require that licensed CPA's attain a number of hours toward continuing professional education every year.

The designation of Certified Public Accountant is a symbol of assurance that educational and practical application standards are met.  The CPA uses those capabilities to guide you through life's changing financial situations.

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