At Stephen J. Kingston, CPA, we specialize in valuations for closely held businesses, marital dissolution and matrimonial litigation support. We are skilled at comprehending all of the pertinent facts and issues, developing relevant strategies, and the analysis and the development of formal opinions. We comprehend the entire process and all of the related issues. We present our explanations and recommendations in a clear fashion, consequently all relevant parties, clients to judges, can comprehend the entire presentation.


Since 1976, we have been the trusted resource our clients rely on. We provide the experienced and objective eye needed to accurately value assets. And with our total financial management philosophy, we work for our clients as consultants, not just appraisers.


You can trust Stephen J. Kingston, CPA to assist you, since we have been doing it well for over 25 years. We understand all of the intricate issues involved in asset valuations, both personal and business, and we can do so in a comprehensive and understandable manner.